Post-Camp Video Call

Post-Camp Video Call

Why Should I Join the Post-Camp Video Call?

‍Join Ashley for a private group video call. Parents and Athletes are invited to ask additional questions about the camp training, Ashley's journey to becoming a pro, or any other questions! You will have COMPLETE access to Ash and her knowledge!

Ashley knows all too well how intimidating it can be to be put on the spot during the Q/A session at the end of a camp...especially after working so hard in the blazing sun! She doesn't want you to say to your athlete...”Why didn’t you ask Ashley that question you’ve been DYING to ask her?!

The Post-Camp Video Call gives you and your athlete additional opportunities to pick Ashley’s brain about her process and journey to becoming a pro. Ashley will also review, step-by-step, each drill and training done at the camp to help each athlete continue to improve on their own at home!

Video call details will be sent out closer to the camp dates. For questions, please email

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